Popular Family Vacation at Arkansas

Arkansas outdoor enthusiasts

Welcome to Arkansas! Unforgettable adventures wait for you here. The state of Arkansas boasts unique terrain that features mountain ranges, rivers and lowlands. Plenty of moisture and sunlight make the soil fertile. The mountains and river banks are thickly forested. All this makes the nature of Arkansas ideal for thrilling adventures.

Arkansas is a popular family vacation destination for many tourists. There are several reasons for this:

  • Arkansas has tons of what to see – numerous museums, churches and small towns featuring many old buildings in colonial style.
  • Arkansas is home to many national parks covered by forest that are located in the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi and the Arkansas Delta.
  • Open water bodies beckon canoe enthusiasts who can enjoy water activities almost all year round there.
  • The cost of lodging in Arkansas is affordable so travelers can stay for a longer period of time there. However, if you plan on attending one of music festivals, make sure you book your accommodation in advance. During the music festivals popular Arkansas destinations may be crowded with fans of country music and rock so the hotels may be full.
  • Arkansas is an ideal getaway for outdoor enthusiasts as a lot of running events are held there. Plus fishing on rivers and lakes is just amazing and natural golf courses even surpass those created by professional golf-course designers.
  • Also the state offers a great many free things to do and local baked products are considered some of the best in the USA.

So, the state of Arkansas is definitely worth visiting to learn about its glorious past as well as discover its present time riches which are the never ending source of positive emotions.